Online Fall 2022

“Kullervo Departs for the War,” by Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1901). Photo: Ateneum Art Museum

This fall, come along with Ope Lily and learn some Finnish! All three classes will be looking at the Kalevala with different difficulties this semester.

New to Finnish? Try our beginner class, where we will learn useful basics like colors and descriptive adjectives, while also learning the basics of the characters and plot of the Kalevala. All abilities welcome!

Have a bit more experience putting together sentences? Already know the basics? Try our intermediate class, where we will dive into literary terms and work on making our own simplified retelling of some poems from the Kalevala.

Are you a Finnish whiz already? Come along to our immersion class, where we will be reading selections from both the Kalevala itself as well as the Koirien Kalevala. We will learn about eastern Finnish dialects and dive a bit deeper into the mythos surrounding the Kalevala.

Online classes will run for 8 weeks, beginning Oct 4-6th.

Beginner will be held on Tuesdays, Intermediate on Wednesdays, and Immersion on Thursdays.
**Note that the final Immersion class will be moved to Monday 10/21 to accommodate for Thanksgiving.
All classes are 6-7:30PM CENTRAL TIME


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