Summer 2022 Online Courses

We are excited to once again offer a summer course this year, this time for 5 weeks, from July 5th to August 4th. Our summer classes are suitable for adults, or teens who can self-manage in a Zoom course. The class, once again, will be held over Zoom. However, our teacher Ope Lily will be coming to Minnesota in August! There will be a meetup arranged as an optional ‘sixth week’ of class; details will be emailed to registered students. Here are our class offerings this summer:

Beginner class will be Wednesdays at 6-7:30pm CT, beginning on July 6th. In the class, we will be learning some basics of Finnish for the summer, including celebrating Juhannus, or Midsummer, talking about the weather, and mökki, or cabin culture. This class is open to all abilities, even if you have never spoken Finnish before.

Intermediate class will be Tuesdays at 6-7:30pm CT, beginning on July 5th. (NOTE: this class was previously called Beginner 2!) – Intermediate will be a lukupiiri, or book club, using the simplified version of Mielensäpahoittaja. We will learn about language structures, vocabulary, and Finnish culture through reading. This class is suitable if you feel you can read simple texts in Finnish.

Immersion class will be Thursdays at 6-7:30pm CT, beginning on July 7th.  The class will focus on learning about Finnish visual art, major eras of Finnish history through art, and descriptive practices, including locational postpositions.

Price: $60
Payment and registration is via PayPal to In PayPal, note the name of the student(s), name of the course, total price, and email address.

Hauskaa kesää!

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