Meet the teachers

Lily O.

I developed and teach the online courses. I have a bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Minnesota, have taught at Salolampi language-immersion summer camp and the Finnish School of Minnesota. I have been teaching Finnish for 5 years, and have a real passion for it! I lived in Finland for several years as an adult, including to complete my Master’s degree at the University of Jyväskylä. My specialty is with adult beginners, but I can work with all levels and ages.

Anne S.

I teach the Children’s Immersion class, alternating with Lotta. Suomi-koulu has been close to my heart since the beginning as I am a founding member, teacher, and board member. Eliana and Niko, my grandchildren, are now Suomi-koulu students. I also teach fulltime in Farmington, MN as an elementary reading specialist.

Minä opetan Suomi-koulun yli 5v. oppilaita, joilla on vahva suomen kieli. Suomi-koulu on ollut alusta lähtien lähellä sydäntäni. Olen perustajajäsen, opettaja, sekä koululautakunnan jäsen. Eliana ja Niko, tyttäreni Katjan lapset, ovat Suomi-koulussa mukana. Opetan myös Farmingtonissa ala-asteen erikoislukuopettajana.

Lotta K.-R.
I teach the Children’s Immersion class, alternating with Anne. I have served as a teacher or on the board for many years, and my children and husband are also part of the Suomi-koulu community as students and volunteers. One of my hobbies is traditional Finnish weaving/fiber crafts.

Heli H.
I became involved with Suomi-koulu in 2016 and co-taught the Children’s Immersion class for many years. I am serving on Suomi-koulu’s board as Treasurer in addition to teaching and volunteering. I love the Finnish language and want to promote the knowledge of my native tongue and culture.

Harri M.

I have taught Finnish to adults now many years.  I like to spice up the lessons with odd facts about Finland and Finnish culture with online media.
Course materials and basic grammar are drawn from the textbook Finnish for Foreigners.

Katja Z.

Our family found Suomi-koulu in the fall of 2018 and have been involved since then. I grew up in Sweden with Finnish as my home language. I teach the Children’s beginner class. We work on basics like the alphabet, introductions and greetings, days of the week, hobbies and fun things like verbs. In class, we read, write and speak out what we learn. Please bring a notebook and a pen. Students 7 and up. Nähdään!